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real_les_bones's Journal

The tried and true.
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Girls are tough, on both themselves and each other.
This is a place for the REAL gay/bi/questioning AND eating disordered individuals to come and discuss, in an intelligent environment what it's like to be "different" in more ways than one.
Discussion topics will be moderated and correct grammar and spelling are HIGHLY encouraged.


1. No community Drama (Lesbians create enough drama in the REAL world, let alone the lj world, so lets keep that to a minimum).

2. Please wait until you are stamped before posting anything other than your application.

3. Post your application behind an LJ-CUT. If you do not do this, your application will not be considered and you will be asked to change the format, if you do not know how to post behind an LJ-CUT, see the bottom of this page

4. Please do not promote other communities here unless you think I may actually want to join them (aka, don't use this community just to get in to another -lame- one).

5. Please do not join the community and then wait 23487628 days to post your app. Although there are no specific rules regarding this policy, timeliness is greatly appreciated AND considered in making the decision about whether you get to stay here.

6. Post as often as you'd like, the more the better; inactive members will be deleted (though I will more than likely be fairly lax on this one).

7. Please put triggering images/excerpts/passages behind a cut (see the bottom of this page if you do not know how to use an LJ-CUT).
8. Do post discussion topics under subject "New Topic." I'm hoping to get as many people involved with these as possible, though I have yet to establish a specific structure as far as discussion format goes.

9. Do comment! Participate in discussions, bring to the community whatever you can!

10. Do post in the subject line of your application the word: Envy. Use it anywhere in the subject line, be creative! If you do not do this your application will not be considered.

11. PLEASE DO NOT JOIN THIS COMMUNITY UNLESS YOU HAVE PREVIOUSLY BEEN OR ARE CURRENTLY IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH ANOTHER FEMALE. THIS IS NOT A PLACE TO TALK ABOUT CONFUSED SEXUAL FEELINGS. There are other communities for that. This community is for those who have experienced the differences of living as eating disordered queer individuals, not for those who are new to either.

How to Make an LJ-CUT

<*lj-cut text="the text of your cut here"*> The text you wish to place behind your cut, aka, your application and/or any triggering material <*/lj-cut*> <--closes your cut, please do this!
you may copy and paste this format and delete my text to add your own, just remember to remove the *'s or else the code will not work!

Note from your Mod

Please remember, this is a safe place for all of us, and though I do want to strictly moderate this community, I will NOT tolerate any un-called-for bitchiness toward new or old members.

(please copy ,paste, and fill out the following BEHIND AN LJ-CUT)


Weight+ ED Stuff.

Current Hight:
Current Weight:
Lowest Weight:
Highest Weight:
Current bmi:
What Eating disorder do you have?:
Have you been diagnosed?:
Have you ever been diagnosed with any other eating disorders in the past?:
Have you ever recieved treatment for your eating disorder?:
Do you consider your ultimate goal "emaciation"?:
Do you ever fast/restrict/set goals based on a certain woman whom you are trying to attract/gain the attention of? (yes, I understand that eating disorders, in their truest sense, are not about attention seeking, nor are they about conventional beauty, but what I am asking here is, is there someone who inspires you to reach your own ideal? Someone who motivates you, even if indirectly?):

Gay/Bi Stuff

Sexual Orientation:
Describe your "coming out" experience(s) (if you've had any):
Have you ever experienced homophobia?:
What is your overall impression of the way lesbians/bisexual women view eating disorders?:
What is your definition of "feminism"?:
Do you consider yourself a "feminist"? (you don't have to be one to be accepted here, I'm just curious):
How do you feel about gender roles and their effect on eating disorders? (this is a pretty open ended one, so don't tell me you "didn't understand the question"):
gender bending? (applies to the above):


Please post at least one photo of yourself.
Also, if you'd like to (and I'd like you to!) post a photo of your ideal and/or someone whom you admire/someone who inspires you.

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